Travel Agent FAQ

The following are answers to our most frequently asked questions (FAQ) by our Travel Agents:

What commission is paid to Travel Agents for direct reservations?
Commission is paid to travel agents after check out of our mutual customers for all published rates.
For regular client travel agencies we work with written agreements about netto rates and conditions. Please contact for further information.

Can we prepay reservations and deduct commission?
Yes, you may send us a US dollar check on a US bank at least 14 days prior to arrival and deduct your commission in advance. Specify this arrangement on your reservation form or with a separate email to the, and we will monitor the process and credit your customers account for their arrival. We will reconfirm the arrival of your payment and reconfirm the reservation prior to your clients' arrival. You may give your clients a letter or itinerary to present upon check-in stating that you have prepaid the reservation.

What are specials for Honeymoon? Honeymooners receive a nice welcome amenity with a bottle of wine, and a cheese plate.
The Resort offers a Honeymoon program what is a year round promotion which offers visitors on honeymoon to take advantage of special offers in all seasons.

Do you have a program to give special attention to our VIP clients or clients celebrating a special occasion?
Yes, our internal name for this is our "champions" program. We divide special arrivals each week amongst our upper management and upon arrival, your VIP will be called by a manager, who will introduce herself/himself, welcome them and give them their personal contact information for direct assistance during their stay.

Also, for your VIP clients, we order a complimentary amenity and send it on your behalf either with your card if you provide it, or a message from you which you can send via email or fax to us to send on our own card. You have a choice of wine or a fruit basket. You may record this information on the comments section of the reservation form...and specify you are ordering a Travel Agent Amenity for VIP guests, with your choice of option.

Ordering gifts for arriving guests
We have an online order form for in-room amenities. We are also working on our own Bridal Registry for family and friends to provide gifts for arriving honeymooners. We are also working on our own Bridal Registry for family and friends to provide gifts for arriving honeymooners.

Guests with special requests
Many of our guests have researched our resort well, or have been here before and they know exactly which room location they wish for. You may send this information to us so we may find the best possible location for your clients. We urge you to give us this information as far in advance as possible, because we have guests making special location requests up to one year in advance and the first requests get the best rooms. Often requests that arrive close to the arrival date are very hard to fulfill.

What if I've reserved my client through a tour operator and they have special requests, but the reservation has not been received yet by The Royal Corin Thermal Water & Spa Resort, how do I fulfill the special request?
You may send us the information about your clients' reservation including what tour operator has the reservation, the names of your clients, their arrival and departure dates, and their room category. With this information we will pre-enter your reservation and assign the room or special request in advance of receiving the reservation from the tour operator. Send this information to:

Advance Registration
We offer the opportunity for your clients to register in advance to allow a speedy check in process. Please click here for more information:

Travel Agent discounts
We offer discounted rates for travel professionals when booked 14 days or less prior to arrival, space available. We are fortunate to regularly fill the resort, however the months May, June, September and October are the easiest months to confirm discounted reservations.

More Questions?
Please contact us and we will be happy to assist:

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