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La Fortuna de San Carlos

The beautiful land of La Fortuna receives travellers with their beautiful scenery and great hospitality of his people. This area is literally the entrance to the Arenal Volcano.

This area belongs to the province of Alajuela and joins the Arenal Volcano area with the Monteverde forest and Santa Elena in the province of Puntarenas.

The trip to La Fortuna, from San Jose, is a short and pleasant journey that includes, among other attractions, travel into Zarcero, this area is internationally famous for his traditional dishes and the incredible sculptures made in Cypress, located in the local park.

The visitor also will see Ciudad Quesada, this area is an important point in the economy of the region thanks to the agriculture and it's the final reference before arriving at La Fortuna, a quiet and beautiful village near the foot of the volcano.

The town offers a spectacular panoramic view of Arenal, the most active volcano in Costa Rica and located only 10 kilometers from La Fortuna. The sports and outdoor activities are part of the exciting attractions the region has to offer the traveler as horseback riding, fishing, kayaking in crystalline water, rapids, hiking, canoeing and canopy tours, among others.

Waterfall La Fortuna

You can find it 5 km south of La Fortuna. The fall lasts about an hour by a very steep path. We offer tours on horseback from La Fortuna.

Arenal National Park

It's located in the north part of Costa Rica, the Arenal Nacional Park covers areas like, Tilaran, San Carlos and San Ramon.

Inside the protected zone is you can find the incredible Arenal Volcano, which is one of the most visited places by tourist all over the World. With a small portion of luck you can watch a huge variety of animals species that live inside this park. You can watch jaguars, deer and some exotic birds as the quetzals.

The water resources of the park are very important for the production of electricity. Besides irrigation in agricultural projects in the area is also very important.

The vegetation is diverse. The traveler can appreciate common species such as the guava the laurel, and medlar, among others.

The Arenal Volcano

This is the most important point of the park. Its located 90 km to the northwest of San Jose, Along the Arenal is the Cerro Chato, an extinct volcano much appreciated by visitors to the area.

In 1968 the Arenal made eruption. The natural phenomenon caused the destruction of many houses and resulted in the deaths of nearly 90 people. The fiery lava destroyed forest and crops in just a few minutes.

The history of Costa Rica recalled this incident as one of the largest natural tragedies occurring in the country.

In the present the activity of the volcano can be seen as one of the most wonderfull nigths experiences a tourist can live. This unbelievable show has attracts thousands of visitors for more than 30 years.

Thanks to the national park and especially the volcano this area has experienced a fast economic growth and has been able to develop new and attractive options for the traveler.

If you visit the park is important to take some recommendations

Stay always in the trails. There are natural areas trying to recover, please help us keep them great. Do not enter the areas identified as dangerous. We do not allow pets, without exception. It is totally banned fires in the park. If you need any help just look for a park employee, they will help you.

The park has other areas that attract the attention of visitors because of their beauty. The most important are the viewpointat at the foot of the mountain, the Arenal Reservoir, the Cerro Chato and several natural trails such as Las Coladas, and the Tucanes, among others.

The Visitor Center has an auditorium for lectures, a souvenir shop and an exhibition hall, places where tourists can find information and purchase items related to their stay in the area.

The Arenal Dam

This is another of the major attractions this beautiful land offers the traveler Lake Arenal is famous around the world because of the practice of two events that attract thousands of visitors and athletes each year such as the windsurfing and the sport fishing.

The Royal Corin Resort

Is the best answer if you are looking for a comfortable and luxurious destination in one of the most beautiful areas in Costa Rica. Located in La Fortuna, Costa Rica, we offer great service with accessible rates to enjoy Arenal Volcano, fun & entertainment.


Loto Spa

Keep in mind you are visiting the Hotel Royal Corin to rest and relax. That's the main reason of the Loto Spa where you can enjoy true relaxation moments and rest to ease stress and tensions.

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